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Salon Concept

At Beauty Rituals Total Esthetic Salon & School, we offer a wide variety of beauty treatments tailored for both Japanese and foreign clientele. Our concept is to provide services that meet QUALITY,  ELEGANCE, & HOSPITALITY.

From facial and nail care to spa and other esthetic treatments, we are committed to offer only high quality products and state-of-the-art technology.

Our professional beauty therapists received the required level of training that utilizes progressive technology and techniques to meet your specific beauty needs.

To meet the quality of the services whilst meeting every client's stature, we have created a versatile price range of treatments so that clients can enjoy the privilege of receiving high quality products and services. We want to give worthwhile experiences to clients and we trust that this can only be achieved by offering the finest treatments accompanied by warm hospitality and impeccable ambiance. We pay attention to our interior, aroma, music, thematic beverages, and the quality of treatments.

For easy access, we operate our salon in the heart of Nagoya City, just a 7-minute walk from Sakae Station (Exit No. 12).

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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Owner/Beauty Therapist


“My role is to support women face different life challenges and stages of womanhood in order to reach the pursuit of true beauty."

Physical changes during motherhood, discrimination (ethnicity, body shape, age, skin color, etc.), and social expectations of remaining younger looking are some of the inevitable challenges that women face in life.

Social Media, being one of the most powerful communicating tool nowadays, has greatly contributed to the idea of how much beauty standards have drastically changed. Some women perceive social media as their guide to how they are supposed to appear and present themselves to the world. This is one of the main factors that affect our mental health leading to a heightened sense of insecurity and worse, depression.

I believe that we are all entitled to self improvements in order to be the best version of ourselves. Living with self confidence is like living life to the fullest without having any regrets.

Esthetic treatments not only improve one's physical traits but also boosts one's confidence that leads to a healthy mindset. Having learned the knowledge and skills from Southeast Asia and the latest skin care techniques from the United States and Europe, I believe that promoting inner beauty and holistic therapy has become my purpose in life. 

It is my mission to provide services that are able to support every client's goal to enhance their natural beauty within a reasonable price range that marries quality within a tranquil atmosphere but in an accessible and lively area. 


Ajesthe Certified Facial Beauty Therapist

Ajesthe Certified Body Beauty Therapist

AEAJ Aromatherapy Advisor

Spa Luce Certified Instructor

LCN Certified Educator

JNEC Certified Nailist